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Intrusion Alarm Systems

Whether you are a small business, or largest commercial enterprise or a home owner We have a wide variety range of intrusion alarm systems that offers security solutions for you, your business and your family. The alarm offer strong based authentication and a high sound system to help you access real time response.







Access Control System

Access Control system you choose must be absolutely reliable, durable and user friendly. Whether you are upgrading an existing infrastructure, or building a new security system from the ground up, only the best will do. Top-of-the-line Access Control Systems, expert installation and first rate customer service form the bedrock of the industry. That’s what you expect. And that’s what Gigatech Electrical Systems provides.






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Fire Protection System

We provides a wide variety of Fire Protection Systems protecting Data Centers, Kitchens, Server Rooms, provide leadership in fire protection, fire suppression and fire control products.







Fire Alarm System

Due time realization of fire goes a big way to save you a massive loss of property and even life. Fire alarms come in different scopes and technology and would help you protect what you value most from damage or total destruction. At Gigatech we offer a variety of fire alarm products which include smoke detector fire alarms, heat sense alarm system, infra-red alarm systems and thermal- heat signal alarm systems.






Electronic Bollards and Barriers

At Gigatech electrical systems, we have the security products and experts to support you with your entire security products ranging from retractable electronic bollards ( both pneumatic and hydraulic power transmission) and active vehicle barriers.

Bollards not only offer rampage stopping for vehicle in check areas. They also help in directing vehicles in parking areas easing traffic, act as anchors in sea docks and and keep the flow easy for your company.

Video Intercom System

Visual intercom system enhances that human element in electronic Mode of communication- by allowing callers to see each other extending surveillance capabilities, creating a hug for emergency response, adding an access control dimensions to reinforce a sense of safety in homes or workplace. All these and more can be easily manage with our mobile app.

Under Vehicle Surveillance by UNIQSCAN

Using innovative wide- and narrow- angle video cameras, Low-cam under vehicle surveillance systems (UVSS) generate a real time side to side of view and unique depth of field that expensive “scanning” systems cannot duplicate. Security personnel can instantly view, zoom, change-angles, Pause, rewind replay, and compare footage all from myself standoff position and without slowing traffic. Discover under-vehicle surveillance integrated technology that gives you the ability to integrate into your remote PC, tablet and even mobile phone. Safety comes first even for staff in duty. UNIQSCAN offers you this aid.

Baggage and Walk-through Scanner by UNIQSCAN

Uniqscan provides a wide range of quality security scanners’ products, which are reliable, durable, efficient, user-friendly and affordable. These ranges from simple hand-held metal detectors, walk through scanners and baggage scanners that offers security solutions in many different places such as airports, hotels. entertainment places, learning institutions to name but a few

General Electric Works

At Gigatech electrical systems, we have a qualified, experienced and motivated Staffs who are well conversant with a wide range of electrical works, ranging from domestic, commercial and industrial electrical installation. therefore these leaves us without saying We are right partners to aid you fix all electrical problems and not limited to homes, commercial buildings, industrial setups and general panoramic places.



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Protecting your home or business isn’t as complicated or expensive as you may think. Modern security systems aren’t just for massive corporations. A modest initial outlay will buy a set up tailored to your requirements, help to protect people, and prevent costly theft or damage. The technology is easy to understand, simple to use, and cost effective to maintain. Don’t wait until the worst happens. Thinking ahead now will save you a lot of money and stress in the long run.

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